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ZR8ED year end wrap up for 2010

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I haven't posted much here lately, but I still poke my head in from time to time. It has been a long year, and a lot has happened to me in my corner of the universe both personally as well as my Z world. A picture is worth a thousand words, so this should be a "wordy" post.

I started the year with my long owned 280 of almost 22 years.

I sold it for many different reasons and it now happily sits in another z fanatics garage.
I sold it and got these:

I have spent a month and half working on my new Z (also a 1978 280z) to get it to look like this so far:

The cabriolet has been refurbished, and is now a trusted member of my fleet. It is being left as is, as it is already mildly modded, and is absolutely beautiful to drive as is.

The 280 is going to get some interior upgrades, and some more under hood work, but will be up for sale come spring. I've left a lot of info out, to keep this from looking like some kind of blog, but that in a nutshell is where I am. It has been a heck of a ride getting here though. I wonder what next year will be like...There is a special Z that is out there somewhere for me to find, but I am in no rush, and will wait to find precisely what I am looking for.

Cheers! Good luck! and Have a Happy New Year!
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Convertable 944,968? Not a fan.
Man, I would love to have your old Z, have always liked it. I don't think I've ever seen the convertible porsche. It has been a while since you were here. You helped me learn and set up my webers around 13yrs ago!
I've been following your thread on hybrid and I love the side vents!
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