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zg flares

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I was wondering who all here as installed zg flares on there z ? are there any informational sites on how to install these ? are the screwd on bonded riveted ? my main worry is cutting of the rear fenders how do you go about it and how much ? any info would be great I just bought a gnose and am wanting to do this to complete the look. thanks In advance
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i hear you can screw them on, or bond or rivet, whichever is easier for you. i am also looking at the ZG flares. if i were to install them by my onesy, it prob mock them up on the car and mark the body on the inside of the flare where they meet. take everything off, then cut away the guards and treat the bare metal so it doesnt rust in time, then rivet the flairs on with a little weather strip on the outside between the body and the flare.
all that said, im no panel beater so i could have explained it all wrong.
sounded good to me!

we need flares on ours as the tires hit alot after being lowered. i actually like the looks of some of the bolt on ones.
hey i see you added a lower grille from a earlier z car to fill in the hole with the air dam. we have the same problem we are trying to work out now with how to fill the huge open area now that we have no front bumper. some of the new truck billet tube grilles are about the same size as we need so ive been out on the new truck lots taking measurments.

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I used 2 grills. Top is stock 76, bottom is a 240 grill that I had to remake. It's been trimmed and rearanged. Waht a nightmare but come out pretty nice. Next one I make will look better.
Look in the bottom corners of the bottom grill. You will see a black triangular shaped tube on each side. That's my front brake cooling ducts.. ;)
Hi Pallnet
What size wheels are those? Is it with stock suspension?
Cheers, Ari
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