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Hello again!

A couple more weeks have passed and progress continues toward putting together an even better ZDayZ than last year. This week, we have some very important information for you regarding ZDayZ t-shirts, our car show, and a couple more of our sponsors.

Pre-Registration & Event T-Shirts!

First and foremost, please see the additional form concerning car show pre-registration and ZDayZ 2005 t-shirt pre-orders. It can be downloaded from the FormZ page of the ZDayZ website, www.zdayzevents.com. Pricing and payment information is included on the form. Pre-registration and pre-ordering helps us greatly with planning and saves attendees some money. Basically, if you plan to enter the car show, eat a BBQ dinner after the car show, and buy one event t-shirt, pre-registering will cost $40 for everything vs. $48 at the show… a difference of $8! There are savings on individual shirts and dinners as well.

Forms should be submitted as soon as possible. Deadline for us to receive your pre-registration information is Friday, April 15, 2005. After this date, attendees must pay the full event day pricing and we will not be able to guarantee specific t-shirt sizes (though, we will endeavor to have enough shirts to fill orders).

Any questions about pre-registration may be directed to [email protected]

Car Show Classes

For those curious, we wanted to share our class structure for this year’s ZDayZ Car Show. Remember, the ZDayZ Car Show is a People’s Choice event. All show entrants vote for their favorite car in each class. We feel this is more fun and a little more forgiving for the entrants since most will be driving all weekend and will find it difficult to keep their Zs “car show” clean.

Our Classes for this year

1st Generation (70-78) Z stock
1st Generation (70-78) Z modified
2nd Generation (79-83) Z stock
2nd Generation (79-83) Z modified
3rd Generation (84-89) Z stock
3rd Generation (84-89) Z modified
4th Generation (90-96) Z stock
4th Generation (90-96) Z modified
5th Generation (03- ) Z stock
5th Generation (03- ) Z modified
G35 stock
G35 modified

A large amount of interest from the G35 community prompted us to include them in the show this year. We will also have some special awards. This year we will again be handing out our Long Distance award and a Sport Z Magazine Publishers’ Choice award. In addition, we will be giving out a couple of fun, new prizes.

Featured Sponsor Club: Smoky Mountain Z Club

Smoky Mountain Z Club is one of our new club sponsors for 2005. Based out of Knoxville, TN, Tail of the Dragon (Hwy 129) is a scant 70 miles away for this crew. So, I’m sure they are quite knowledgeable of the area and will be able to help the rest of us find other fun roads when the Dragon starts to become crowded later in the day. I have not met any SMZC members in person yet, but have been assured they are a great, enthusiastic bunch and are a good addition to our event. If you’re ever in the Knoxville area, shoot club president Rick Rawe an email and I’m sure the SMZC will make you feel right at home. Contact information can be found on their website, http://www.automedic.org/smzcc/

Featured Sponsor: Concept Z Performance

One of our returning corporate sponsors from ZDayZ 2004 is Concept Z Performance. Located in Glendale, AZ, this online parts vendor carries a wide selection of performance parts for the 300ZX, 350Z, and G35. In business since 1997, Concept Z Performance kicked things off with a ’92 Scarlet Red 300ZXTT and never slowed down. In the years since, they have gained significant hands-on experience with modern Z-cars and other Nissan vehicles. Check out their website, Concept Z Performance for their latest round of specials. For more information, visit the website or call them at 623-937-6400.

Featured Sponsor: TailoftheDragon.com

Another returning sponsor, TailoftheDragon.com (aka Tail of the Dragon, LLC) is an incredible source for information about Hwy 129 and the surrounding area. Their website covers everything from the history of the Dragon to upcoming events to where to watch for speed traps. They even have their own online store providing all kinds of Tail of the Dragon merchandise. In fact, the gang over at TailoftheDragon.com are helping us put together our event t-shirts again this year. So, when you have a minute, check out their site and see what all excitement is all about… TailoftheDragon.com.

That’s all for now. Watch for our next newsletter toward the end of February.

Andy Morris
ZDayZ Organizer
[email protected]
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