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Z32 woes

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I sold my Z32 several years ago, but I have been dying to get another one since.

Part of the reason for it is I did not realize how badly it hurt both of my sons when I sold that car. They were 2 and 8 at the time and when I had my wife drive the title down to sign over they started crying trying to pry the pen out of my hand. Problem was I was between jobs at the time and we needed the money. This was in 2004. Some of you might remember.

Well since my wife and I have been one of the rare few to be doing very well in this economy (both employed above our area average pay scale) its time to find a new one.

If anyone in North Texas or Vegas (heading out out there this March to check on NLV property) find anything worth looking at give me a heads up. Just bought a Durango that can more then tow it.

Mainly looking for a 2+2, and a Z32 is what I want. I have 3 cars so yes I can deal with the brake downs. I would like something that runs, but the major thing is the body needs to be near excellent condition. Engine and mechanical stuff can be whatever, but the interior and body need to be near excellent.

Thanks for the sympathetic ears ;)
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Yeah I'm in vegas PM your info and I'll keep an eye out. I do know of a really nice silver 2+2 for sale.... A guy in my car club is selling it.
Too Bad, JeffP has a great 2+2, but a Camry T-Boned it at about 35mph. Car drives great, and runs stupendously. New rubber literally a month before the accident. The injectors were upgraded and done 6 months before the accident. Almost $3K in Stillen Parts under the front end of the car and a huge stereo to boot.

Just can't get in the passengers door, and there's that issue with the big gap on the roof and the shattered quarter window...

If someone had a clapped out 2+2, this one would have ALL the parts to make a great car.

Personally, I'm looking to confiscate the drivetrain to put in a 510 wagon...
Someone hit that car again?

Didn't someone hit that car about 4-5 years ago? I remember going to his house to pick up an LD28 crank and he showed me the damage some idiot did to it. It's a good thing he stores the S30 in the garage. Of course I would to with how much time and money he has put into it.

That would be a pretty good car. I just dont want to deal with banging out body panels anymore. I did it to the S30 I use to have, yes thats right use to have. Sold it after I found out the PO fudged up the frame. Atleast I still made a profit out of it but it cant account for the time with a body hammer and dolley.


Saw that car on craigslist and I may look it up if he still has it in March. Not so sure he would hold on to it that long with only a possiblity of getting it sold. There is one good thing about Texas, tons of Zees in good condition. Problem is most of them go for top dollar since they are on the low mileage good looking side. Of course you do get the rice that just makes the car look like it belongs in Fast and Furious every once in awhile.
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Call 281-373-1774 - ask for Kin - tell him Col. Ed sent you.

He's in Cypress, Tx northwest of Houston. He may have what you want of can help you find it. Good guy to work with.
BTW - kc

If I had to have only one Z - I would be torn between the 280ZXT for looks (like a Jaguar) and the Z32 - looks and newer.

The 2 + 2 is a very practical design for a small family and makes a great get around town car.

As far as having an old car and reliability - just get the car to factory spec and don't beat it into the ground. Sure there will be many things overthe years to replace - bet then those parts will be new.

The older I get the more I believe in getting what you want - go for your dream. Becasue if you live long enough and are stuck in bed or a chair - dreams (memories) are all you have left so make a lot of good ones.

Enjoy life and **** the torpeadoes and people who tell you what to do. Are they picking up the tab?

Main reason I want the 2+2 is because I'm 6'5" and in the 2 seater I had I could fit but I always had the erie feeling my head was going to hit the T-bar. I have been in a 2+2 and it felt like I had an extra inch or so for my head.

I do plan on keeping it stock and building a motor to eventually go in. Of course this will be done in time.

And yep turning 35 this weekend, just a pup to most of you here and on Hybridz, but the Z32 and 240sx are the 2 cars I always have wished I kept.
I'll still keep an eye out here, hit me up when you come to town.
We all have regrets about the love, the car or whatever got away. The old I shoulda' kept it.

We've all been there and done that.

Good luck on the search.
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