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In an attempt to consolidate useful technical posts, please list links to any tech articles or answers to frequently asked questions in this thread. I will try to get these posted on our Articles page, but for now this will be the easiest way get all the info in one place.

**Special thanks to everyone who has submitted links and to Z1_ZONLY and Zazupilot for taking the time compile all the links into one post.

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Z32 faq and writeups

---------------------------------- DO IT YOURSELF MODIFICATIONS AND HOW-TO'S ----------------------------------​
Aftermarket Electronics
Hardwiring a Valentine-1 Radar Detector
Narrowband Air/Fuel Meter Installation
HKS Automatic Line Controller (ALC) Installation(Courtesy of Z32.com)

Brake Caliper Painting
Brake Hose Replacement
Parking Brake Adjustment
ABS Diagnostics
Brake Master Cylinder Replacement
R23 Skyline Brake Upgrade

Electrical Systems
ECU Removal(Courtesy of zhome.com)

Heating/Cooling System
How to flush your coolant
A/C Troubleshooting and Repair
AC Compressor Clutch Replacement

How to Check Your Timing With An Inductive Timing Light
Check Timing, and other tech.
Replacing Stock Motor Mounts With F-150 Motor Mounts
Replacing Injectors Via the Dremelling Method
Installing GM Style Injector Connectors
Repairing a Dented Oil Pan
Complete Oil Pan Removal
Diagnosing Cylinder Miss
Diagnosing a Code 34 (knock sensor)
Knock Sensor Relocation
EFI Harness Replacement
Replacing O2 sensors
Spark Plug Replacement
Fuel Hose Replacement
Using a Boost Leak Tester
Thumper 300zx's Guide to Common Boost Leak Areas
Starter Removal
UD Pulley Installation
Spun Rod Bearing Replacement
Stock turbo rebuild with new CHRA

Lighting, Body, and Interior
How-To:Low beam projector lense cleaning in minutes
Windshield Wiper Removal
Trunk Mat Revitalizing
Converting power window switch and climate control to LED's
Interior LED conversion
LED conversion pods blah blah
Stock Tails to J-Spec Tails Conversion
Disassembling Tail-light housings
Fully Clearing J-spec Clear Corners (Courtesy of Z32.com)
Dashboard Repair(Courtesy 300ZX-twinturbo.com)
Gauge Cluster Removal & Odometer Tech(Courtesy of Henri Le Hir)
Converting High Beam Bulb to Fit Low Beam Socket(Courtesy of BMWe34.net)

One-Piece Driveshaft Installation
Auto to 5 speed conversion
Transmission Cooler Installation

Wheels and Suspension
Subframe Bushing Install


---------------------------------- FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ----------------------------------​
Z32 FAQ:
ONLINE Factory Service Manual
ECU Diagnostics (checking codes)
Records of Quickest 1/4 Times(Courtesy of Z32racing.com)
Jacking Up the Z(Courtesy of ZHome.com)
HESITATION!(Courtesy of Zhome.com)
300ZX Magazine Articles(Courtesy of 300zx.cl)

Normally Aspirated to Twin Turbo Conversion Information:
Converting from NA to TT using the NA motor(Courtesy of z1motorsports)
35min. TT conversion video
Z1 Motorsports' (very comprehensive!) guide to TT'ing(28 KB PDF file)
---------------------------------- MODIFICATION OF THE DAY DISCUSSIONS ----------------------------------​

THANK YOU Z1Zonly, jzack, and everyone else for your contributions, and especially Vince for finally agreeing to this thing!
---------------------------------- To contribute a helpful link, or to give a tip/suggestion please post below. ----------------------------------

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Re: Z32 Tech - Frequently Asked Questions *** NEW USERS READ HER

We still do not have a TPS adjustment write up here.

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Re: Z32 Tech - Frequently Asked Questions *** NEW USERS READ HERE FIRST ***

To any new member that takes the time to read FAQ first I caution you that when posting for info please give a brief history of your Car (year, model, miles and condition) to help those that would like to help. There are a few which will look for the smallest flaw in your post to accentuate your pilgrim status but as an overall site most will give freely of their knowledge. We all start somewhere and ZCars is a great finish line.
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