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> Hello all, well...I finally got my beloved
> out of the shop saturday, they had had her
> since like, August, they were able to
> pinpoint down a lot of things going on with
> my car, replaced a leaky injector, replaced
> my thermotime switch, and put a different
> afm in. My only problem now is I have to get
> a new computer, and I believe I have to
> replace my catalytic converter, I dont know
> what else could be making my car run so
> poorly after several minutes of strong
> driving...it's like when the cat is cold,
> there is no problem, but it quickly heats
> up, and becomes restrictive, I have let the
> car idle for a while with temp, oil
> pressure, voltage all normal, shut off the
> car, and smoke comes up from the back and
> underneath of the engine, I dont know what
> else it could be...any help would be
> appreciated...:)

Why do you think you have to replace the computer? It sounds like the shop is having you replace parts without knowing what's wrong. I went through $800 the hard way like this in my '76 280 with a [email protected]#% mechanic (new computer, AFM, injectors, etc.) before switching to a mechanic who knows what he is doing. The new mechanic fixed that problem for $40. Turns out the idiot who I had install my MSD ignition installed it wrong and fried it. It still worked -- sometimes -- but was quirky and unreliable. All the good mech had to do was disconnect it and re-hook up the stock ignition system.

But I am not good with electrical problems and couldn't figure that out. Oh well, my fuel system is brand new except for the ignition module.
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