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Z car runs for a couple of minutes then dies out

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My '73 240Z runs for a few minutes then dies. Runs smoothly for a couple of minutes before it just dies. I'll wait 5 minutes and start it up again and it will do the same thing again. Run for a few minutes, then die out. I replaced the mechanical fuel pump and filter cause I thought maybe the diaphram went bad. But I am still having the problem after installing the new pump. Could it be the electrical pump in the back? Engine runs smooth for the few minutes before it dies so I don't think it is the carbs. And yes, the car has plenty of fuel in the tank. Help!!
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Try getting some starter fluid (spray can) and see if you can keep it running by spritzing it into the carb. If you can, you have narrowed it down to a fuel problem. Otherwise it is ignition or electrical.
If I spritz the carbs with starter fluid and the car continues to run....what should I check next knowing that I have a fuel problem? Rebuild carbs? Replace electric fuel pump? What other fuel related items should I check? Mechanical fuel pump is new as well as fuel filter.
If it continues to run on the spray...work under the assumption that it is NOT getting gas to the carbs before you conclude the carbs are down.
Verify supply and return lines are clear using compressed air with both ends open.
then try blowing into the tank. Very common to be restricted/plugged.
Yo .. Palladin has good suggestions. Possible crap in the tenk. Solution would be to clean/replace tank. Also possible mechanical pump not working well enough. Purchase a electrical fuel pump for carbs ...4 to 9 pounds ... and install it along front right rail or fender inside car along with a 10 amp fuse in line to battery and switch inside car. possible not enough pressure with just mechanical pump alone . Odds are its your nearly 40 year old fuel tank that has so much crap it is blocking fuel flow. Check coil also. Make certain its not an electrical issue with coil crapping out leaving you to think its fuel related. Just some possibilites . ...
how about the tank vent?? I am a 75-76 280 guy so I know squat about the 240 but it sure sounds to me like a plugged vent. Try leaving the gas cap off and see if it still dies.
Hey, don't cost nothin to try, LOL
Okay....I ran the car with the gas cap off and I still have the problem, so not the vent tube. The car started up tonight and ran for about 10 minutes (smooth idle) then starts to sputter and eventually dies out. I guess I'll blow compressed air through the fuel lines, but if there was blockage, shouldn't the car run crappy all the time? I'm at a loss right now.
It could be many things, and I hope it's not what my problem was, but your symptoms are silimar. I needed a new distributor and coil.
Hope your solution is less expensive!
Quick question....If I disconnect the fuel line going into the mechanical pump at the block and turn the ignition on....should gas be pumping out from the electric fuel pump? I have tried this for several minutes this morning and no gas is flowing....I can hear the pump too....Does that narrow the problem down to either a bad electronic fuel pump or perhaps the sock in the gas tank is fuel of crap. Appreciate any responses you can give me. thanks.
If it has the original Hitachi electric fuel pump there is a filter inside the pump.
All revealed with a FSM.
Thanks for the fast reply. I just got this car so I don't have the FSM. Is it difficult to replace the filter in the pump? Can you provide some basic instructions?

Now, www.xenons130.com for the zx and www.xenons30.com for the z. Go there. Download the free copy of the factory service manual for your car and if applicable the fuel injection bible. Use them for basic troubleshooting first.

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