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I wanted to do some research before I start a new ZX project and so I went to sign up for Zdriver.com and it won't let me sign up.

It seems to be stuck on the password and it takes my passwords then says invalid. I guess I could just search, but I'd rather be able to ask a few questions there as well.

I see the hybridz.org is still active and Classic Zcar Club Home Page seems to be active.

I'm looking for various posts about problems that were solved. Generally electrical, EFI, sensors and what problems they gave and how it was solved.

Seems we could use a central dump of all the knowledge to help people in the future.


Anyone have a Zdriver account, they can give me an email for the mod/admin?

Anyone know of other good Zcar places other than the this and the ones listed?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts