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Z Car Club of Colorado track day

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The ZCCC is hosting another track day Saturday June 4th at our track, High Plains Raceway.

www.zccc.org for registration

www.highplainsraceway.com for track info
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Less than month to go and I may have a big announcement that will be good for the club and the drivers.
I am pleased to announce that Boulder Nissan (BN) will be the ZCCC track event sponsor. This collaboration with Boulder Nissan will only be for ZCCC track events, limited track related ads, articles, and will not infringe on our general club sponsor, Tynan's Nissan.

For the last month I have been working with Jason Purdum owner of BN and asked him for ideas on how to lower our expenses and up our car count. Some ideas involved other dealerships, other than our sponsor. Jason gave it some thought and had another totally unexpected idea that would help the club with the track events and help us attract more cars and especially more Nissans owners.

Event participants, drivers, usually work corners, nothing was wrong with this format and it was fun talking in a small group while others were on the track. With BN event sponsorship, the drivers will no longer have to work corners for the June 4th track event and hopefully future track events with Boulder Nissan’s sponsor relationship.

This sponsorship will allow more track time for all driving participants and hopefully bring in more participants out to our club track events. As there is no corner working involved.

I would like to thank Jason and Boulder Nissan for their generosity and enthusiasm for track events and especially in helping the ZCCC in what we hope is a great working partnership for our track events.

Darrel Hoffman
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2 days away and we have 41 registered. If anyone is planning on coming, bring your registration with you to the track.
We had 47 cars at the track

13 miatas
2 audi
1 porsche
1 lotus
1 caterham
4 GT-R's
1 R33
and the rest z's, old and new.

It was a great day, everyone I talked to lost track of how many sessions they had at 6. Hope we see some of the same at our sept 10th event.
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September 10th is fast approaching, less than a week away.

If interested in testing your car out on a very exciting track, register at the track. Check our web site and our newsletter the Odometer for further details. Get there by 7am so we can get you teched and not be late for the driver meeting. Late start at the driver meeting, means less time on the track.
Spots still open.
Final number of cars-- 48, for the first time since I have been a ZCCC member we had more nissan/Z at the event.

There are some vids and pics in this thread. I could have posted just the vids and pic links, but then i would have to credit the authors here. At least one you would recognize.
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