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Does anyone know if the guts from a 02' WRX VLSD, will drop into a Z diff housing??
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Guy from zandzxparts.com told me that the Subaru R180's swap in directly with no modifications.
I believe WRX's have R160's or R180's . . . they are made by the same manufacturer as the early Z's.
Are the WRX difs in any way stronger? and what years are we talking here?

The Subaru WRX differential is an R160 which is smaller than the stock 240Z R180 (160mm ring gear vs 180mm ring gear). The R160 was orignally found in the 510's. The R160 will suposedly fit in a Z, but I don't know how well it will hold up. An R200 LSD (200mm ring gear) is your best bet for durability.

If you're talking about just the limited slip assembly from an R160 bolting to an R200 ring gear, I haven't tried it personally, but I'm pretty sure the R160 assembly is proportionally smaller.

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i think the weakest point in all of our diffs are the spider gears. from what i know open diffs have 2 spider gears and lsd's have 4 spider gears, so even though its a r160 it has 4 strong spider gears
i broke my r180 even after welding the spider gears i only run r200s now
The STi versions have R180's. The "normal" WRX's have R160's.
what are the ratios...........and are they lsd's?
I know the regular WRX has 3.9 w/ LSD. Not sure about the STi.
If the WRX R180 is LSD and it is stronger, i might get one of these! they would be more common then an r200 in Australia.

Is there a problem with it being an AWD car?
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