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worth it?

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1971 Pontiac 350 V8 and TH350 transmission
is this engine worth putting into my 280zx 79, a chevy 350, or an 83 turbo?
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Don't waste your time.

Just sell your car and buy one already converted for 3 - 5k.
You don't want to hear that, but it will save you a lot of trouble and questions.
Swaps are usually a lot more then you think to do, not to mention a hellova lot of free man hours to do it.

Swapping an engine is not as easy as it sounds.

78' 280Z 2+ 2
mm... interesting how i come to this forum for answers and all i get is blowoffs by people like you... well thanks for nothing

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sounds like good advice to me. If your talking v8's go over to hybridz.org
Your asking if it's worth it to put a 33 year old used, but unknown condition engine into a 25 year old car.

No, unless you know what your doing and plan on rebuilding the whole engine and adding a lot of Hi-Po parts to make it fast, then of course its not worth it.

Maybe you should learn from all answers, eh? Advice is advice.
Its free info dude, dont bitch.

For about 1500 you can prolly get a pretty decent 4 bolt crate motor with maybe some mid performance heads and stuff, and some decent compression ratios. Go with that, then get a JTR install kit or something, shouldn't be but about 5k total to get a v8 into your Z, at least thats what I think I heard, about 5k total.
Pontiac made the WORST engines of all the GM makers. So no, it's not worth doing.
It's worth putting a 280zx turbo instead of a 350 V8. Unless it's a pure project & time & money aren't an issue, go for it!
blaZed is correct. When you asked if it was worth it, he basically said "no". You will need power steering in that 79ZX since the manual steering rod would be in the way and you would need to change out that weak 79ZX rear end for one from an 81-83 turbo, and a custome drive shaft and exhaust.

Better to go with a turbo ZX engine unless you want to redesign the entire car for the new engine.

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