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wont start? got a guess?

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ok, my girlfriends got an 81 280zx, ive been workign on this awesome sound system for it and just making it look really nice.
anyway she went to start it last week and the started just kept going with a couple pops but we can never get the motor to fire. its not the spark plugs we have spark. but i have no idea whats going on. do you have a guess?
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Is the battery low? Mine wouldn't start before with a low battery even though it would crank over.

Are you smelling fuel from the tailpipe?

Have you checked for corrosion on the connectors at the TPS and AFM?

the battery isnt low, i do smell fuel and i'm too stupid to know what the tps and afm are
I have a 1981zx and I had a similar experience where it would start really... really hard. Too the point where I had to hold the gas pedal to the floor untill it would catch and let off the gas until it would start to idle. the main problem was a bad AFM (air flow meter) the box in between the intake and the air filter mounted to the drivers side front fenderwell. Once replaced my ignition problems were sloved. Check the plug that connects to the side of it for corrosion before replacing it.
ok, awesome, i will check that, thanks
TPS=throttle position sensor , AFM =air flow meter; Don't call yourself stupid just yet,You just need to learn teh basics of ye "Z"
Bosch platinum plugs by chance? Try a fresh set of NGK's and I bet it fires up.
thanks woodbutcher,
and can someone let me know what NGK stands for maybe?
Just a brand of spark plugs
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