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Wiring Harness?

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Ok guys i know there have been posts about this in the past but none were current or for my car.

I have a 1974 260z. I am doing a pretty complete restoration and for peace of mind i would like to rewire the car. I have been very unsuccessful in finding a harness kit anywhere, that's not used or ridiculous NOS. Has anyone found somewhere to get one? Has anyone tried the Painless kits? They seemed to be definitely geared more towards domestics. How much would it cost to hire someone for a custom job?

Let me know what guys have tried, heard seen.

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IF you could lay your hands on a NOS wiring harness, it would be worth every penny it costs. It would likely have the correct grommets in the correct place. It would have the correct connectors, etc., etc.

On the other hand, you could try buying connectors from Vintage Connections, buy the wire (correct color/stripe will start to cost), and then you have to source the grommets, cut the wire to the correct length (probably using the old harness as a gauge). After that you'd have to wrap the harness and install it. Even if you outsourced the build, the cost would probably run near the cost of a NOS harness.

As far as a Painless kit, if you'd still need to do modifications to have it mate up to the switches, etc. How much is your time worth to you?

Frankly, I wouldn't mind being able to lay my hands on NOS harnesses for my 260Z so I could rid myself of the modifications attempted by the previous owner(s) and the ravages of time.
here's a link scroll down almost all the way. Enjoy the prices...

And that's the price of restoring. Are you restoring or just fixing up a car to run around in?

The wires themselves tend not to be a problem unless subjected to a lot of heat or current. The connectors, switches and sockets are more problematic. That's why I've spent plenty of money at Vintage Connections to replace bad connectors. I've also spent plenty replacing the parking lights with LEDs to prevent the problems from that circuit from reappearing. Have you thought about converting your headlight circuit to use relays? That helps a lot. On my 73, the voltage at the headlights went from 9 to 12 volts from that. The light output doubled, too.

If you're just trying to fix up the wiring, there are cheaper/easier ways to do that without yanking everything out and going with a Painless kit.
I am not going classic restore for sure i just want to make what i have reliable and clean. I am using a lot of aftermarket parts and accessories not original to the time. Right now everything is pulled out so i figured if i could i would just replace all the wiring. Yes, I have been looking at a set of replacement headlight wires with relays. I've heard good things about them. I suppose i will just get everything going and see what needs replacement as i go. Thanks for your advice.
macs_5 said:
datsun/nissan oem surplus in Oklahoma has factory harness assys for a pretty decent price. www.oem-surplus.com
Actually, they don't have much of anything for a 260Z.
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