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OK, All,

It's time to celebrate our Z Cars Winter Style !

As many on the internet already know I am running Winter Z Car Photo Contest. It's free to ente and the result should be very interesting to see. Please read on if you would like to know more.

For all of you that are not on the large, national Z Car Mailing list and do not know about my infamous, Z centric website, please check it out at http://www.jps.net/zparts/sidebars/sb1_scca1.htm ( you must have your video set to 800x600 resolution to view it correctly)

I want Z owners to send me their most interesting photo of a Z CAR IN A TYPICAL WINTER SCENE. I most prefer for the car to be in a snow or rain scene. Bad ass storms are just fine. The day after a big snow storm is great time to take your car out to a country road or to downtown New York City and shoot it. Just make sure you'll be proud to have your name on the credit line.

I am planning to display the very best shots of each snow or rain scene of each distinct model year that is submitted . I want 240Z's through 280ZX's and all 300ZX models including 2+2's and convertibles. Each will be laid out in an artsy -fartzy fashion with credits and brief text background on a special Side Bar or Stair Step page. I may even put the wildest side view shot on my Z in the Lake page for one month? Maybe something even wilder??

My plan is to put the page up in January 1999, shortly after New Years Day.

The cars can be junkers, wrecks, race cars, customs, Z kit kars, parts cars or showcars, but they have to be in a snow or visible rainy scene. They can be covered in snow or freshly parked in a snow scene. They can be skidding sideways, blurred or taken upside down or parked in water or mud up to the door windows. Take them in snow or rain at night with a flash or what ever. Just get an interesting photo and send it to me with credit line and any brief background text.

You can even send me winter scene photos of miniature Z models outdoors, drawings or computerized 3D Z model files in .jpg format.
I prefer you to send me an actual drug store gloss print rather than e-mail me an attachment, but I will take anything interesting. Just remember that if you send me a print to scan, the result on my website Z CAR WINTER PHOTO CONTEST page will look a lot better.

Several useful and amusing Prizes are being planned for the winners of the contest as well.

If ya'll want some suggestions for trick photo techniques please let me know and I will try to post a write up on my site to get all of your creative and wild ideas flowing.
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