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Will this Trust header fit? (TonyD?)

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I just paid for an old used Trust header from a KGC10 Skyline with an L28.

Here's the link to the auction.

It was only $10 for a header so I couldn't resist. Even with sandblasting, welding close the holes, and coating; it's worth the price.
Just wondering if this fits a LHD 240Z. Not sure if the steering column gets in the way.
Even if it doesn't fit, it cost only $10.

Does anybody know about using a JDM header on an American car?
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I have the same one on my American Z with no problems.
Thank you!
Hopefully it'll come in early next week.
No plan on going through the hassle of installing it on a stock engine though!
Just a deal I couldn't pass up.
btw can something like that be patched, blasted and jet hotted?
it can probabbly be fixed, but it will probably come right back, the metal is wearing thin because of the rust
still, not bad for 10 bones.
Good luck welding on that. You get near it with a welder and you'll just burn bigger holes in it. You -might- be able to braze some patches over the rust holes? It's worth what you paid for it....
Hopefully when I actually get the header, I can examine it and determine what to do with it.
For $10, I'm not going to lose much either way.
I'll just take it to a good muffler shop and see what they can do.

There was actually a second header that was exactly the same. It had rust but no holes. It also came with the collector tube. I believe that one ended at around $100! Maybe the people who bid on the other header knew something I didn't . . .
you may want to skip the exhaust shop and go to someone with a tig.

That's the universal fit Trust Header.
My suggestion would be to buck up the $$$ and have it Jet Hot coated, so you don't worry about corrosion on it any longer.

He lives in 29 Palms, so you are very close, you could probably drive out and pick it up. You got a deal, I was picking them up in the scrap yards on Okinawa for 700Yen in 1989, so you got a deal!

They were $450 new, and almost $600 for the one like that in Stainless Steel (which is the one on the 73 right now)

The only one I know of with fittment problems on a LHD car is the Fujitsbo Racing header---I have one on my 71 Fairlady. The primaries go so far towards the fram rail, there is absolutely no room for a LHD Steering Setup!

This header installs just like a stock manifold. There is excellent access to the bolts, and you can use the stock manifold gaskets without any problem.

They are not manufactured sh*t like the majority of the US Made units.

This header obviously spent some time near the saltwater! None of mine from Okinawa look anywhere near that bad! And I have one of the First Trust Headers Made!
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