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ZX Mechanically Better; Z better lines/lighter

> Just curious: why do the vast majority of Z
> resources diss the 280ZX so badly? They all
> describe it as a pig, slow, etc. etc. I am
> the proud owner of a NA 280ZX 5sp with 87k
> miles; with a few tweaks (low restriction
> cat, K&N, etc.) I am running around an
> 8-second 0-60. I personally think the car
> handles great, has awesome brakes for an
> older car and has tremendous road feel even
> with my relatively lame 14 tires. I've
> only driven a 280Z once and really don't
> remember it very well - are the older Z's
> really THAT much better than the ZX?
> Why do people hate the ZX so?

> Jon
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