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Re: who hates a Zcar?

> Sure, other 280ZX owners aren't going to
> diss it, but those who own the earlier ones,
> especially the 240Z, like them because
> they're closer to being a true racecar:
> lightweight, simple, easy to repair and
> modify (especially now that they're exempt
> from smog laws in many areas), and with a
> superior rear suspension design. How many
> 280ZX's do you see on the racetrack? The
> 280ZX is the next step in a line of Z's that
> got progressively heavier, more luxurious,
> more complicated, and more expensive. Just
> depends on your preferences.

I'd like to add that the ZX has significantly less legroom than the Z does. (as in I'm 6'3 which while tall isn't extreme by any means, and I physically am incapable of driving the ZX without significant pain) =) other than that I don't have too much of a problem with it. But I still like the Z better overall.
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