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I found another 130 zx speed-o yesterday.
To think margo asked me to keep my eyes open for like a 6 months now and couldn't find a one. Now I am finding them like shells on the beach.
It's like my speed-O had kittens.
This brings my weeks collections up to 3 and I had 1 so I had 4, gave one to a friend making me have one too many as I post this.
What the **** did I just say anyway?
It seems that not going to the bone yards for a month has built up a surprising amount of stuff. It’s also a good indication that you people in South East Florida are not out picking.
If someone in South Florida needs one tell me, hoarding isn’t right but I’m a fanatic and can’t help myself. What would you do if you found a bunch of 130 speed-Os in a week? You pull them out fast right?
But if you look on the bright side, parts can’t get smashed in my house.
I have 80 bucks in it, plus one pizza for my trouble.
Actually I enjoy taking things apart, no trouble, I’m just hungry from my diet.
Slim Fast is making me crazy.

Madeline Michele
Hollywood, FL
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