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White Interior

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can anyone tell me what the value of the white interior of my 73 240Z could be worth. it is decent shape, no rips or tears and is fairly clean, worst damage is the drivers seat is a little scuffed and i am missing 3 rivets. I desperately need money. Can anyone tell me what they are worth?
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When you say white... Is the plastic stuff white also? And the door panels? No clue what it's worth. I see all kinds of interior plastic pieces going on ebay from anywhere between 5.00 and 25.00. I might be interested in some of it... (door panels, and rear dogleg panels, maybe more...)Where are you located at?
yes the plastic stuff is also white. everything is white except for the dashboard and the carpet. I am Canada.
I had a '76 I bought new off the showroom floor. The exterior was Pacific Blue with an off-white interior. The dash, console and carpet were black. The vinyl held up extremely well and only had a 1/2 inch tear in the driver's seat when I sold it 10 years later with 160K miles. Wish I could say as much for the '77 I bought two years ago. The dash in the '76 was perfect in '86.
I am jsut curious i have been told that the white interior fo my car is rare
I think they are more rare than the other colors. I have no idea how much more they'd be worth. Like anything else they're worth a lot more if you have at least two people that want them really bad.
Put them in the classifieds or any other place where you'd get a lot of people to see what you have and go from there.
Bottom line is they're worth no more than what some one is willing to pay on the day you sell them. So the bigger the crowd the better chance of a high price.

Just my .02. I wish I could be of more help.

I might be interested in your white interior for my '73. Give me a ball park of what you are asking. I'de be after everything but the seats.

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