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Which side is #1?

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This is probably a dumb question. i haven't been around a Z car ina very long time. I have a 280Z. It runs okay, but misses a lot, and backfires some. I'm thinking maybe that I have the plugs switched backwards. Which side is #1? :) Thanks guys.

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On the dizzy, number one is toward the front at about 10:00 O'Clock.
I guess I didn't elaborate enough. I mean which side of the engine is #1. Again, I apologize for the stupidity of this question.
"The Front"

Radiator end of the car is where cylinder numbering starts.
The #1 plug is furthest from the transmission mounting flange, #6 the closest to the transmission mounting flange.
It is progressive from 1 to 6 in between going from "#1" towards "#6" 1,2,3,4,5,6 in that order.

Don't laugh guys, on V8's, it can get strange. Is it "1234" or "2468" or "5678" or "1357"---all these possibilities exist on one side of the engine....
all the plugs are on one side. #1 is in the front and count back to #6
if you do a search on this... there are some nice pics on this site around this topic. they show the fire order and all the other needed info... but what Tony gave you should be enough. good luck!
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