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Which Manual? It all depends...

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Compare the general differences in each factory service manual.

I have the FSM and a Haynes for my Z. But I would buy a Clymer manual if I can find a clean one at a good price. Chiltons is okay since it is written in American English whereas Haynes is written in British English.

The Factory Service Manual is remarkably well written and understandable considering its Japanese roots.

They all have some gaps and unique ways of explaining things. That's why I want as many different ones as I can get.

Tom Wilson's How to Rebuild your Nissan engine is a great source, too.

After fiddling with the engines for a while, you probably don't even need a manual. But they are great "armchair reading" for these nippy winter nights.

A great place to learn more about CDROMS containing text-searchable FSMs is at

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WillieBoy is absolutely correct. I've found bunches of discrepancies between the Hayne's, the Chilton's and the few peeks at an FSM, and the two Clymer's manuals I have. Unfortunately don't have an FSM, so can only look at it over at my mechanic's place.

Regarding the Clymer, I've discovered a big difference between the EARLY Clymer and the LATER Clymer.

I have what I presume is the 2nd edition, printed in 75, covering 240 and 260 1970 to 1974, Red 240 on the cover with a double black stripe border around the cover on the edges. The 6th edition, printed in 84, covers the 240 through 280 1970 to 1978. It also has the same red 240 but the rest of the cover is red, with a tag on the upper right about a "Full Color troubleshooting section" which is just hype because the colored sections are only marginally better than in black and white.

The biggest discrepancy is that the Early Clymer had an excellent electrical section, that even gave you the diagrams for the multiple connectors as well as the individual wire connectors. It gave color codes as well as approximate locations. This is missing from the later edition.

And lastly, probably the most important section for a good restoration, is the chapter on the Body. The Early Clymer has procedures for just about everything on the body, fenders, glass, door adjustments as well as information on the ducts behind the dash. Unfortunately this is missing from the later. The only other place I've seen these diagrams is in the FSM.

I can understand why they eliminated it from later editions, the complexity of some of the systems on the 260 and 280 probably would have required a book unto themselves, but it is still a shame to see it go.

So if you have a 240 and an early 260 get the EARLY edition, I think you'll find that it is 3 times the book of the later edition.
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