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Which Autometer series to go with?

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I'm trying to figure out which series of guages that I should go with. I'm needing boost, oil pressure, water temp, pyrometer, and fuel pressure. I'm also going to go with their in-dash tach and speedo. I've looked through a few diff. ones on Jegs' site, and so far the Sport-comp looks to be pretty fairly priced. Which series uses better parts and more quality construction. I don't wanna go with the set that's crappily made and for the "budget minded" people, but I don't wanna go with full on race car parts that you need a race car budget to afford. I'm going 2 5/8ths on guages, and 5" on tach and speedo. Also, anyone know of a good site to get a good price on them? I'm going to check Ebay as well.
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Oh ya, for the Z car and it's fuel injection sensors and all.....which is better, electrical guages or mechanical? I'm going to rewire while I do this, so I could go with new sending units and sensors while I install the Painless harness. Just not quite sure if one type of guage is reccomended above the other type on certain guages. And I know people say their boost guages are off by a few PSI, but I'm not going to be running anywhere near the max boost my engine will hold or the turbo will output...so if I think I'm running 15 and actually running like 17, that's no biggie.
I am running autometer Phantom series gauges. great gauges and the white faces are a really great touch to the interior
Z series by autometer look great like stock

VDO gauges are more accurate

Pryometers do not go high enough on Autometers. Greddy make nice ones often on Ebay for $130 (full kit)

Westech make cool gauges for planes that are useful
Greddy makes guages too? The main reason I want Autometer is because they have so many options and a full line of guages. Plus they're in the correct size. I'll try to find some Greddy units and check them out. I'm pretty interested in the Pro-Comp line by Autometer, and that guy mentioned Phantoms, and they seem to have all the guages in that series I'd need and look pretty good too.

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Hey those don't look too bad. Thanks Blue, I'll check em out.
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