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Where To Start??? Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

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ok! this is my first post on Zcar.com, im going to put in as much info about my 74 260z as possible! this is my first restoration project and i love the car to death! first things first, bought it 3 months ago for 500 bucks, the clutch is blown and i already have a replacement. Engine runs, but it sounds like its running off only 4 cylinders. went and got cap & rotor, sparkplugs, and wires just havent had time to put them in the car yet. also needs an alternator-fan belt, battery and new terminals, exhaust is leaking like crazy!not from the header but everywhere else along the way! thats all for the engine! The body on the car is ok, the door on the right side has bin replaced, front vallance is gone along with bumpers but i can custom fab those myself. looks as tho they ran into somthing so the hood is scrunched a little in the front and the headlight houseing is mushed perdy good also. thats the main body damage other then it needs some paint. just before i bought the car, the guy says they had it ready to paint but never got to it, looks like they where gonna spray bomb it! :( other then that minimal rust. the interior i have replacement dash and center console along with new carpet for the floor, also a new windshield. the seats are torn up a bit but i have a buddy that will re-upholseter them. missing the door pannels on both sides also. havent had the car up in the air to look at it but i glanced at it on the ground and it not bad, little rust on it. has bin sitting in a lot for 2.5 years and i snagged it out of the news paper. if you guys have any tips on where to start and where to find parts other then the internet, it is muchly appreciated! i have pictures of her they are just too big to send through this. my email is [email protected] if u want to see them.
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Are you really located in whitehorse?

Join ontario z car club for parts. Lots of guys selling stuff on there and if you are in Canada and need something the guys on there can help you out.

Other then that making sure your frame is in top shape is a big first step. Then i guess figuring out whats wrong with the engine but you don't give enough info about things you have checked to allow us to diagnose it.

Best of luck.
Read the stickey at the top....
Download & read
BEFORE getting in to deep!
Take pictures as your pulling stuff apart..
Use the search engine...
How long has the car been sitting?
Focus on 1 project at a time!!!
Your first BIG suspect... fuel tank rust.. at minimum install a secondary fuel filter..
2nd read about carb rebuilding, at minimum you'll want to at least clean these up!

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That old...I would totally disassemble and put the body on a revolving dolly. Read thru this, it's long but a lot of info and pictures. http://www.zcar.com/members_rides/november_2010_z_car_month_my_1978_280z_890384.0.html
If you're gonna do it, do it right. Once stripped, I'd paint the fender wells, door jambs etc with Sherwin Williams Single stage paint, then basecoat, clear coat the outside.
I met a girl named Julie from Whitehorse Canada in Cheyenne wyoming in the mid 80's. Weird!
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