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Where to start tuning?

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I've got my 260Z running; it's been running actually for at least a month now. Well, I should say starting because I can't drive it, yet. I've got a Schneider stage II cam, 3 to 2 to 1 headers, and triple 40mm dellorta carbs. I can't get the car to run for sh*t under a load. Once it's warm it seems to run alright in neutral, but when I try to roll it around the block I can't get it to go over 3,000 rpm. The only thing I have been able to do is set the timing, and I think I'm still like 2 degrees advanced from the stock setting. I think a huge part is the carbs, I believe it running really rich. I haven't attempted to synchronize, yet, because my syncrometer hasn't shown up yet. Any tuning advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Im not a real carb enthusiest, but I can give my 2 cents...

start with turning the fuel jet screws for the carbs all the way in! then back them out about 1-1.25 turn out.. this is generally a good place to start..

set your timing ( with vacuum advance disconnected and plugged). I would start with 8* for now..."start with the basicZ.. you can always improve from there."

Then set idle (very important you sinchronize!!!!!!!!) I know you dont have your synchro yet, but can make all the difference in the world. try and match the turns on the screws for now.

Make sure to mic. your acceltr pumps on your carbs.. so you know your getting the basics of what you need in fuel when you push the accel down.

Then........... find a good carb man!!! hard to find these days. Maybe you'll get lucky and find the 80 yr old mech with all the carb knowledge in the world.

hope this gives you some ideas at least.

aka: aZcarbum
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you might also want to check your fuel pressure to the carbs.
might have some rust in the fuel tank and/or lines.
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