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Where to buy a rebuilt transmission

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Dear Z friends I am interested in getting a rebuilt 5 speed,where is the best place to get one.THANKS,ROBERT
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I just purchased a freshly rebuilt one from z Barn- $650. I was going to buy a used one and have it rebuilt but I was quoted over $600 for a rebuild so this seemed like a bargain.

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Expect to pay $900-$1,200 at a tranny shop to rebuild one. Several are here on "classieds" for around $150. Salvage yards would be $100-$200 as well. You can get a used one, change the imput shaft bearing, front and rear seals, and it will run for another 200,000 miles.


edit: Here is a place to get the BEARINGS:

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Do a search for ATK, they rebuild blocks and transmissions. It was around $900+ for a rebuilt tranny with a warranty, not including core charge. You can also get ATK from stores like Advanced Auto sometimes.

I got a 5-speed transmission from a 77Z from ASAP motors in Houston for $450.00 last November. I believe they gave me a 1 month warranty. It works great. My mechanic said it was one of the best used transmissions he'd seen. They are at ASAP MOTORS.com. Good Luck.

Dave Ruiz
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