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Re: Where is the best place to get a cover for my

> Greetings, I've for an 81 2+2 and I'm
> searching for pricing and whereabouts for a
> Evo4 car cover. Any clues? Thanks

You probably have a few options:
1) your dealer. I paid $170 for an Evo4 from my Audi dealer for my A4 (Cover is great)

2) JCWhitney claims to have covers for just about any car. I can give you the phone number if you need it.

3) One of the Z catalogs carries them I think. I'll check & if I'm right I'll post it back here.

4) You can pick up semi-custom car covers just about anywhere for ~ half or less the price of a custom fit cover of the same material. I have never seen an evo4 cover that's semi custom.

Good luck

Darryl 81 280zx 2+2
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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