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when temp high car revs up,cold=no at all,what's wrong?

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my car is a 79,280z,when the temp is cold,it wont rev up at all,when temp turns to normal,it will rev up a bit more say like 2000 or sometimes 2500rpm,still very hard to rev higher,when keep rev,the engine just sounds like :boo,bo,boo.boo.bo......
I've replaced the spark plugs,tightend intake pipe,can hear fuel pump when ignition on.
what's the problem?
something wrong with sensor?
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Air fuel mixture is coming "up to temp". It does not do it linearly thus the EFI's performance is causing the symptoms.

Clean the electrical connections in the EFI system and check that all components are functioning.
Re: TPS Switch!

Clean up and calibrate your TPS. Throttle Positioning Switch. That's your real rev limiter! It usually messes up after you clean your engine. Kammy and Blue have REAL NICE calibration proceedures for them. Then they will last a long time! Norm K.
"can hear fuel pump when ignition on". Please clarify after you read this 1978 to 1981 Fuel Pump Control / Operation
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