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Re: Battery Drain : Heres how...

> I'm wondering if maybe you don't have a
> constant load on your battery that's
> draining it. If you've already checked this,
> then disregard.

> Does the battery charge up/and or the car
> continue to run after you jump it? Did you
> ever have the original alternator checked? I
> think, not sure here, (jump in mechanics)
> there's a way to guage if there is even a
> small current draw on the battery.

> I had a rear window wiper motor that started
> buzzing (barely audible) after all was
> turned off. Drove me crazy for two or three
> weeks of killing my battery before I found
> it. Somewhere in the electrical, never could
> figure it out, just had to diconnect it.
> Still really urks me every time it rains and
> I can't see out rear. JEEP--- Just Empty
> Each Pocket.

> Hope this helps. At least you have my
> sympathy.

> Matt
Heres a little info, to check for a battery drain use a DVOM (digital volt ohm meter) set meter to D C amps and insert positive lead into fused side of meter, disconnect the batt neg terminal and fasten one lead to the batt post and the other to the terminal putting meter in-line. Anything over .05 amps is too much. Open a door or something to give yourself an idea of what accessories will draw, make sure all doors are closed and switches are turned off. If reading is to high start pulling fuses and disconnecting stuff until draw goes away. When you find the fuse or circuit you will have to figure out exactly what is causing the draw, but this is much cheaper than throwing parts at it and hoping for the best. Hope this helps.
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