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Great job Matt.

> Yes, that size will work fine. You may even
> be able to go a little larger, but beware of
> offset and the fact that the inside of the
> tire or rim may hit your springs.

> The offset should be about 3-1/2 inches from
> the inside of the wheel. Thus, if you buy a
> 7 wheel it should be set up for zero
> offset.

> Look in the archives, too. There are lots of
> posts on theis subjuect.

> Good luck

> Matt

Good job on reffering someone to the archives. If a few more of us(myself included) would remeber to remind poeple to check them, and check them ourselves, we may eliminate a few of the repeating posts. Keep up the good work.

Chris Behney
Redline Autosports
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Not open for further replies.