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Wheels and tires and fenders (Oh my!)

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Hi folks,

I could use some opinions here on some wheels I located. I am ready to update the 77 with some new wheels and tires. The current wheels are 15X7+10mm and they fit just fine. They allow me to run 225/50 tires with no issues related to rubbing. The previous owner stated that was why he selected those wheels. I want to stick with the 15 inch wheels as the larger ones get into that wagon wheel look of which I am not fond.

The new wheels I am looking at are 15X8+0mm.

So here are the questions:

1. What tire size should fit the 15X8 inch rim BEST or can I stick with the 225/50?
2. With the dimensions of the new wheel, does anyone see a clearance problem where there was not one before? The car is lowered around two inches.
3. Has anyone rolled a fender (if needed) on a car that was finished and painted WITHOUT messing up the fender or paint?

Thanks in advance for the replies.

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The new rims will be 3mm closer to the shocks, and stick out 23mm (~1inch) further towards your fender. That is just the rim and does not include the tire bulge as well. If you have a little more than an inch clearance now I would stick with the 225/50s so that there is not too much tire bulge.

225/50s 235/50s 245/45s and 255/45s will all fit an 8 inch rim and keep your speedo close to where it is now.
They will likely rub. I run 16x7 with 225/50R16 RS-2 tires and I had to not only roll the rears, but cut the flanges back. The fronts still rub badly while backing and turning.

Here is a good thread you should read. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35079&highlight=fender
Thank you all for the responses. These are the wheels I've been looking at for the 77.


They only come in the 15X8 size.

If you go to the homepage of this site and view the other 15 X8 wheels, it is stated that the fenders must be rolled but NOT with these wheels. I'll call him on Monday and see what he thinks. Thanks again for this great information.

I really like the Rota Grids. Nice choice of wheels. Good luck with the fitment.
The only problem with those rims, they have the wrong bolt pattern to fit a Z car. The bolt pattern on Z's is 4x114.3
If you can find me some nice 15x10 or 15x12 I would be happy...

Wife gave the go a head to get the IMSA rear fenders from ZCCJDM!!!
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