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> I've been having these same things with my
> '74.
> When I unplugged my thermo sending unit and
> cleaned the connection and plugged it back
> in it was fixed. That takes care of one. My
> oil gauge never goes over half and is always
> at almost 0 when idling. I was told to get a
> Nissan oil sending unit. Mat take care of
> the second one. My fuel gauge never goes
> over 3/4 either. I'm going to do the first
> fix(clean the connections). It has seemed
> that with all the electrical problems that I
> have encountered with my Z I can clean
> electrical connections and it usually clears
> up the problem. Hope this helps. Happy
> Holidays
Datsun builds a fine car, but they build lousey
oil pressure sending units.I have had 3 240 z
cars and had to replace sending units on all
of them . A Beck/Arnley one works well and
retails for about 25 bucks.
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Not open for further replies.