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> there's also a production cost savings. a
> v-6 can share components with a v-8 from the
> same manufacturer. they can use the same
> pistons, rods, valves, other valvtrain
> components, bearings, distributor parts, on
> and on and on. the only difference is two
> cylinders. a lot of manufacturers can build
> a v-6 on the same assembly line as a v-8, or
> at least with a very similar setup. being
> able to share components cuts production
> costs and lowers retail prices. this is why
> mercedes-benz switched over to v-6's last
> year.
On that note though, a straight 6 can share parts with a 4 cylinder which is something nissan is more likely to manufacture than a v-8 (aside from the infinity one of course) but in terms of packaging a v-6 can be alot more compact overall, plus it's alot easier to use a v-6 in a front wheel drive car (can't think of any I-6 front wheel drive cars) and since every **** car manufacturer has pretty much switched to front drive on almost all their vehicles. It saves them money on having 1 basic powerplant for all vehicles. (kinda like the reason they make em all front wheel drive in the first place: Lower cost of manufacturing even though it has the side benefits of being safer in bad weather)
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