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What would you do? ebay issue

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Here is the synopsis from my pint of view. I sell this guy a "grab bag" of Zcar parts....everything from corner emblems to visors, to window handles, all for about $40. Well in the pic of the stuff there was a pig-tail fuse block. SO i send him everything i thought, except there was no fuse block when it got to his place. He asks about it, i apologize, and offer a partial refund, and ask what he suggests. He seems pissed and says he wants the fuse block....I offer a full refund, but he just says i should give up the fuse block. Well i tell him after looking really hard, i could not find it. So, i feel bad, and finally locate one (dam thing cost me $20.00) I notice he bid on a tail lite for a 71z that i had on ebay, he wins the auction for the tail light, primo condition for $51.00. SO i email him, and tell him i'll include the fuse block i found in the box with his tail lite. He wont email me back!!!! its like he is gone or something, or dead? Anyways its been 9 days since end of auction, what should i do? how long do i hang on to is stuff? Any advice?
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sorry techies, i meant this for the car talk forum
There wasa time it took several weeks for someone to reply my email, regarding ebay. It turn out he went on a long vacation.
i hear some guy got whacked after he bid once.
well.. you are tryign to be nic e... i have had laggards.. i just relist and resell the stuff..
Put in an Item not paid with Ebay, if he wants to be a prick you can be also.
You could just send it to him with the tail light like you suggested. ****, what's he gonna do, complain about that too? You'll both be squared up, and there'll be no room left for negative feedback on his end.
yep, i'm sending it tuesday morning...its only money, and i earn enough of it in future sales. Gonna be gettin an LT1 with a 4L60E soon for my 280z
One thing about ebay that has gotten out of hand is peoples expectations on paying for items and returning emails. ebay used to be very laid back and easy going and I never had any problems, now more and more people are getting greedy and have no customer service attitudes.

I say you are doing the right thing it setting the deal straight. Once he receives everything he has no more complaints.
Alot of people have advertised, you must pay within 7 days. I believe its rude. In my situation, I dont have a credit card and I cant use pay pal. But it takes longer than 7 days to get a money over to the US.

I have found that the majority if people if you ask them nicely, have a bit of patience they will go easy.
I have had many good ebay sellers wait a couple of days extra for the money.

As for that guy, id just wait a few more days then relist, if he puts lame feed back then put a smart arse comment under it like

HISFEEDBACK: Oh this guys a bad seller he didn't ship all items shown

YOURREPLY: "Why would you ask me not to worry about shipping some of the items and then leave me negitive feed back for doing so?"


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