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What wire to use from ignition to kill?

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They have all my keys ans the alarm switch.
I really need some help.
What wire that is connected to the starter switch that can be interupted to stop it from starting. Come on folks help me out before they take it again.
I need to know both for an 82 and 83.

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Re: We know you are under stress but....

Instead of a lame switch, why not use a reed switch? You can hide it under anything plastic (Ex: the plastic covering the tranny tunnel) since it does not have anything pointing out. Then, all you have to do is to run a magnet over it. If you want to be lazy, you would have to leave the magnet over the switch. If you want to be a bit clever, you can make it such that once the switch is on, car will be on until you turn it off, when system is reset. Then, all you have to do to activate it is to run you conveniently disguised magnet (ex: the rubber duck you leave on the dashboard) over the switch location.
How about...

...instead of going for the ignition switch, simply splice the power to the computer (assuming this is a FI Z)? So, no power to the computer, engine spins but does not do much more besides acting like it is broken. And, who would think to check the fuel management computer harness?
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