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What wire to use from ignition to kill?

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They have all my keys ans the alarm switch.
I really need some help.
What wire that is connected to the starter switch that can be interupted to stop it from starting. Come on folks help me out before they take it again.
I need to know both for an 82 and 83.

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Re: We know you are under stress but....

I am thinking of doing the same myself. I believe one simple and well proven method is to put a switch in so that when you leave the car and turn the switch on, it connects a terminal of the coil (I think the one marked with a minus sign) to ground (the body of the car). What this does is ensure you cannot develop spark, so the starter will turn over but the car wont start.
Like I said, I think this is almost common, so an experienced thief might see the wire straight away (if he is inclined to get under the bonnet) and cut it or just rip it out.

I like the idea Graham has above about disconnecting the electric fuel pump. Maybe I will do both. You can buy a Dual Pole Dual Throw (DPDT) switch that will do both. One contact will open and disconnect the pump, another separate contact will close and connect the coil to ground.
Good luck


P.S. I am not 100% sure about which terminal on the coil it is. (If you want I can test it) Any corrections welcome.
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Re: How about...260Zs

When you say don’t ground the negative of the ignition coil as it will damage the ignition module, then there would be no drawbacks to using this method in a 260Z (no FI or electronic ignition, just carbies and points) would there? I think I still might take this approach on my car… we’ll see, there are some other good ideas popping up.
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