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What wire to use from ignition to kill?

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They have all my keys ans the alarm switch.
I really need some help.
What wire that is connected to the starter switch that can be interupted to stop it from starting. Come on folks help me out before they take it again.
I need to know both for an 82 and 83.

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Re: We know you are under stress but....


At the risk of inadvertently irking you further, my two cents:

Not being familiar with the 82/ 83, I'll just comment on what I know would / should / could work.

If your intent is to disconect the starter from the circuit, so the car won't start, then you can one of the following:

Get a battery disconnect switch, should be available at your local parts store or check with a store that deals with racing products. See if they have the one with a removeable key. Some of these are a simple Hex Head Key switch, so the removeable key function is simply hoping they don't have the right size allen key.

Connect it at either of two places, either of the wires coming from the battery, or any of the major cables going to the starter. Remember, without the battery having BOTH terminals hooked up to the car....NO CIRCUIT, therefore, no juice and nothing electrical. Note that this method will also stop your clock, and reset any settings that require a trickle charge to be maintained (radio stations, climate control, seat position memories).

Now another method is to do the same, but do it on the wiring harness with the wires that ACTUATE the starter or solenoid, In this way, even if they punch out the ignition lock, the wiring should stop them. If they remove the connector from the ignition lock and jump it, the switch in the wiring harness will stop them. By the way, with this method, the alarm should still be workable, with the other method, probably not unless you wired it completely separate from the wire you disconnect.

The last item I'll recommend is a little more technical.

I'm looking for the article, and once I find the URL, I'll forward it to you.

Basically, this article details how to use a MAGNETIC reed switch to actuate a relay that stays ON as long as the power is in use, but once you shut off the car, the relay defaults to OFF. Without actuating the magnetic switch the relay will not turn on and not allow the car to run. The neat part of this is that you hide the reed switch behind plastic, or whatever you want, but as the article says, in a location such that when you swipe the MAGNET over the switch, it isn't OBVIOUS to someone watching you.

I'll look for and e-mail you the circuit if you want.

For what it's worth
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