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What the *&@# does this have to do with Z cars?

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Not much, except that the rear drive is a "modified 280Z stub axle."

But who cares?

This is the most insane vehicle I've seen in a long time. Maybe ever. And the comments at the bottom are priceless. Esp. "Looks pretty comfortable for the 2.54 seconds it would take you to die."
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Dodge done the same minus the Z axle
Umm, ok...?
Reminds me of sterigus before the yuppies show up!
That's "Sturgis" moronicus...
Or sturgeon, depending on which way they are swimming! ;D
Sadly last time I was there right on the day of the biker rally I saw no motercycles just RVs with grill trailors with the dork with "I rode my bike to Sturgis 09 " shirt. Scratch that, we saw 1 leaving town following us west towrds Montana.
Are you sure you were in Sturgis during the right week. I saw hundres come through here mostly being ridden. Only a few were on trailers. The news said they had a great turnout last year and this year.
Tony said:
That's "Sturgis" moronicus...

I was there on the right week about 2nd week of june heading east 1st week of july heading west.
Two weeks east and heading west and you missed the wet t-shirt contest and the no t-shirt contest.
Hairy chested, them bikers.
Easy Rider disagrees.
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