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What should I look for?

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Hey guys, I just found an 82 280ZX for sale for $300. The guy claims he's been driving it for 4 years, and someone test drove it less than a week ago. It has 240K miles on it, but not the slightest sign of one oil leak in the engine bay. When I went to test drive it it wouldn't start, he seemed pretty mad because he really wants to sell it.

I'm going to go over and try to get it started soon. My question is what exactly should I check to make sure I can diagnose the problem? I know that I will forget something so if you guys could help me make a list of stuff to check that would be excellent. Right now it is spinning over just fine, and once or twice sputtered like it was going to start. But no matter how long you spin it over for, and how much (or little/none) gas you give it it just keeps spinning.
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No sign of oil in the engine bay? Ah, so all the evidence has been removed!

There is a good list of what to check on a ZX over at ZHome.com. Just scroll the left side down to "Z Ownership... What to watch out for" and then open the right side of the page on "The Second Generation Z Cars.."

Make sure no smoke, all the electrical and gauges work, no serious rust under the car, and the car does not make noises in the driveline and suspension when you drive it.

Though, for $300, who cares if it squeeks a little.

Actually I was asking what all I should check so that I can get it running. I know I will forget something when I go check it, but I need to get it running before I buy it cuz I have no way of getting it home.
Well then, if it's his car then HE should get it running before you buy it. Sure ws strange that he drove it for 4 years but it would not run the day you were looking to buy it, aint it.

If you already bought the thing, then buy a "Field Service Manual" or a "Chiltons manual" and start doing all the test that have to be done on any car that will not start.

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