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What is this?

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Found dangling under all the dash connections on the passenger side.
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Hahahahaha! I just found that last week while stripping the interior and was wondering what the crap it went to...except mine didn't have that grey piece - it was just a white plug sticking out. I couldn't find a corresponding plug for it, but this explains why :) . I CAN tell you though that the green / yellow tracer is only hot with the key in the START position, and the green wire is hot all time. (At least with key on ACC, not sure if it's hot with key off)
The car came with some kinda alarm that I have not been able to get to work...wonder if that has anything to do with it?
I doubt it. Oddly enough mine too came with some type of 80s alarm, but the wiring looks factory. I can't tell exactly what is marked on that grey piece, but I see there's a diode scribed on the side. Surely someone will chime in soon with what it is...b/c I didn't have a clue.
Oh Tony come out come out where ever you are and school us on what this is.
Oh yeah and the wiring mess the PO madwe of this alarm. There must be a mile of loose wire.
My guess is it has something to do with ck engine light.
For 30,000 mi oxygen sensor replacement.
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I did not see anything like that on my other auto air.
Why a pic with everything you post? Just to keep it car/Z related? Just wonderin..............
Very well done! I love em BGM.
The last guy that tried to entertain was banned for life.
I could not find your wire colors associated with a diode in my 83 schematics, but there are a bunch of diodes and diode packs shown, and they seem to be associated with either the diagnostic screen between the speedo and the tach, or with Bitchin' Betty. Unplug it, and see if Betty starts nagging you, or one of the trouble screens becomes constant.
Hmmm...the cruise is inop, not the usual missing plug either. A PO said it worked AFTER the 120 spdmtr was installed. So could this be related? I've never seen one, unless they were really buried in the car frame. Should be easy enough to test.
I'll bet a diode or resistor....

LOOK at it people!

It IS on your wiring schematic!

That is a diode box which prevents backfeeds in the circuit. They are all over the ZX and as early as the 260Z.

You can even see the 'Diode' symbol in the photo. If you don't see it in the wiring diagram, it's in the circuit schematics for sure. That isn't the only one, there's another under the passenger's seat and in the footwell on that side of the car as well if memory serves correctly.

This is a no-brainer.
Oh, that IS the one in the passenger's footwell. I told you there was one in there!


Yeah, that's how closely I looked at the surroundings before posting. Yes, it's that obvious when you look at the body of the device. Where's NormK to explain how the diodes work in the system to prevent voltage backfeeds?
Here's an idea. I'm currently an RV tech. 95% are built like glorified kit cars and are electrical nightmares to troubleshoot as wiring diagrams are usually non-existent. Oddball diodes and modules can be found ANYWHERE taped into split loom all over the coach and the factory reps are usually clueless. My attack would be to replace the diode with a jumper and see what remains on with the key off. If nothing is obvious, re-insert the diode and disconnect the negative on the battery. Insert an ammeter between the two and get a baseline current reading with the key off. (Much easier to use a clamp on DC ammeter but most people don't own one) It is usually 250ma or less for a clock, ECM, etc. Re-insert the jumper and see if the current jumps up. If it does, pull fuses one at a time until the current drops to exactly the baseline value and that would at least narrow it down to one circuit. You now have the luxury of a FSM wiring diagram to ID suspect components. Or just scratch your head and put it on the list of "Things that make you go Hmmm.....".
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Drats I was hoping it was a smaller version of the "flux capacitor", have you gotten the car to 88mph yet?
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