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What is this worth?

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I got a remufactured ECU for an 81 ZXT from MSA, that hasn't been used at all since it was delivered. I got it from a friend of mine in a trade. It still has the MSA flyers, and is in the box it came from MSA in with the packaging and everything... What is it worth, and would people be willing to pay what it is worth? Thanks, guys!
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sorry to hijack the thread, but blue, i like your new sig.
hahaha, that was funny Blue
With my luck it probably would only be worth $10-60, seeing as no one wants them anymore. Really though... What's it worth, say on ebay or something.
Victoria Brittish sells reman ECU's for the 81 turbo for 249.95, plus 100.00 core charge if your core is not rebuildable. Blue is full of himself. It will only work on a 81 turbo, nothing else.
Hey 3052040,

I am not full of myself, I am a cheap [email protected] and would buy a used one from a junkyard for $50. Sure you can go and buy one from $250 + $100 core but I would go megasquirt before doing something like that.

**** I would change components on the circuit board before I gave up and paid $350

I am not full of myself and you obviously don't know me.

Leap year included :) LOL
for those of you who don't know Blue personally (305240), he would do anything for anyone out of the goodness of his heart...Besides being a highly intelligent [email protected], they broke the mold when they made him!
Just for an example, I bought one for my 82 N/A off a member of this board for $30.

What is your ECU worth? It depends on the market, and how bad the person asking wants it.
But yours wasnt NEW ken. I know a used ECU isn't worth the dirt it sits on, but I was just curious what someone would actually pay for this.
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