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I have a Nissan part and do not know what it is.
I will try to describe it and maybe someone out needs it.

It is in a Nissan Box, packaged in bubble wrap.
On the box is: PART NUMBER: 28556-53U25

The part itself is a metal, alum. box about 4 inches square and about 1 3/4 inches thick. the base is larger with bolt holes in each corner.

On one side, it reads: 28556 52U00 SEN&DIAG-AIRBAG 12V

There is a multi-post plug in receptable on one side.

It is very clean with a like new warning label on it But I can tell that it has been mounted as I can see slight marks made by a nut.

Anybody know what it is - what it goes on, etc.
If anyone wants it, make me any offer plus postage.

Best offer, by 11-10-01 gets it.

God Bless,


[email protected]
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