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> Hey all,
> I have a late 73 240Z. If I don't put 91
> octane(even in the oil capitol we don't have
> 93 octane) in my car it Runs like ****!! It
> diesels and sputters and in general runs
> like ****. I have a slightly odd head block
> combo and I was once told on this board that
> I have 9.5:1 compression. Could you people
> help me compute the CR??

> Late 73 Block with the Domed Pistons(it
> makes up for the late 73 head that has the
> slightly larger chambers)
> Early 72 head (has smaller Chambers)
> Nissan gasket 1mm I think.
> What else do Need??

> What kind of Compression would I get If I
> put an e-31 or N-42-7 on my late 73 block??

> Please help me!!

> Dustin
What is a domed piston ?All 240s have flattops If u have special pistons u need to find specs for them.Stock 240block w/EARLY E31gives 9.5:1 not all E31 are the same.Compression ratios use a formula Try the book Auto Math by HP Books
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