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What do you think this is worth?

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Can anyone take a look at this auction and tell me what you think all this is worth?


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Ask your self one question! Do I have a 77 280Z?

OK, Make it Three

1. See Above

2. Is it an early 77? What do this really mean... Sloped Rear Deck

3. Is it a late 77? What does this really mean... Flat Rear Deck

Remember 77 is when they went with the space saver spare tire.

Note the rear strut tower caps don't have seat belts in the slots so some cut it out.

What is wrong with yours? You know you can repaint yours or those many colors if you want to!

It will go 10x the starting bid IMHO... But if you do win it ask for the trim in the bottom of the hatch and I think there is a piece running from a-pillar to a-pillar... I know it is not like my 76, it is wet outside or else I would check...
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it's an early model 280......I just can't figure out what is a fair rate for this stuff.......
Is he throwing in the tennis shoes also in the pic....?
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