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What did you get your Z for christmas?

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I got my ZX a new set of seat covers for Christmas. Since I have received 12 months of happy motoring with no major problems from her i thought it only right that she get a present.Now that it's car related :)---

Actually I wanted to wish you guys a Merry Christmas. Please treat your loved ones with love and kindness as if this would be your last Christmas with them. As my wifes condition gets a little worse each day I am faced with this more than likely our last christmas together. It has made me reflect a lot on how things can change. So please wake up Christmas morning and hug and tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. That is what I want for Christmas.
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^^^ agreed 100%.

I got the Zed a VATS bypass module (so I can get her running), a shortened Driveshaft, 2 1/2" exhaust system, custom rear tail light panel, and looking to get some EBAY R33 skyline tail lights.
Nothing, the kids took up all the Christmas funds!

But, the Z did get PLENTY through the year.
best wishes to you and your wife. I lost a loved one earlier this year to cancer. So pretty important not to take the short time we have on earth for granted.

The Z is getting S/S brake lines, S/S Clutch lines, and various pieces of weatherstripping. Now I'm just trying to plan what to do for 2011 for the Z.
I'm getting the '78 an '81 L28ET. Tired of the locked dizzy and FMU.

Maybe next Christmas she'll get MegaSquirt. Or a BW T5.
gettim my 300 a new fuel pump. i hope this does it!!


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This year I'm saving up enough money to have the 240 shipped out to me in Cali. The poor little girl has been sitting at home in the rain and the cold all on her own. When I got home I had to clear the leaves off and revive her (she really didn't like me leaving her for 3 months).

I think I'm buying both of us a Christmas present with this gift.
Got the tailight lense my brother cracked and gonna get a set of brake pins,clock,rear carpet and a nice set of new brakes. I might pull the emblum off the 300ZXs they got sitten around and go place it in my 2008 100 shot daisy red ryder .bb gun.

"Fyi if you shot black bert with it it'll just piss him off even more!"
Right back atchya, Bill.
Aluminum drive shaft and rebulit 1/2 shafts.....

Happy Holidays guys!

My 78 280z, has been in the process of getting a 82 280z turbo motor transplant since October. I hope I will be done with everything by mid January, rebuilding the motor, repainting engine bay. I really want to get this project done, but in the grand scheme of life, zxtoy brings everything in to reality. I WILL wake up, hug and tell my wife and children, how much they mean to me. Merry Christmas everyone!
Well my family got the ZX 3 good gifts for christmas, a Alpine radio to replace my dead Pioneer and next week my parents said they are gonna have the local mechanic do a brake job and fix my heater motor allong with a few odds and ends and Iam gonna use part of my money I got to get the last of my needed missing pannel parts like a rear deck carpet and the clock. Rest is either gas or school money.

Also Iam gonna tear into that old pioneer to remove all the good circutry.
Urethane front air dam!!!
My zed is getting a 41000mi bottom end, a new 61mm turbo, a fuel pump upgrade, and I plan on getting a new set of shoes for her.
My wife got me a DashMat for the Zed and a Dashmat for the GMC Envoy. Other stuff too, but that was what the vehicles got. What I got for the Zed was a Retrosound radio and a rear speaker panel with two Infinity speakers from Oliver over at ZSpecialties.
Well my ZX got a new MSD ignition coil to replace the quickly failing stock one.

Some 47uF capacitors to reduce noise from the Alt and Coil. MS has some interference and it causes some hiccups, better safe than sorry.

A whole bunch of new tools to work on her with.

I hope all of your holidays have been amazing and relaxing!

Happy New Year from the Yeti!
Before Christmas I bought a pair of those "fancy?" CRYO - Powerslot frt. rotors. I hope they don't mind getting hot. Since these are a little tougher to replace when compared to the new cars I wanted tougher rotors. We'll see. "Happy Non-denominational..." Norm K.
Just got my package today. Pass fender ,3 piece front valance, 2 headlight buckets
and a cowl for my 78 z.
Also another cl find 13 in cooper cobras with rims for the rx7 75 bucks.
Now i can start to take the 78 apart also i have body and paint lined up for 2000 bucks. HAPPY NEW YEAR
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My Z got a lot this year. This summer she was rescued from a field and has been repaired to running condition. Over this Christmas season, though, I have bought her a new Brake and Clutch master cylinders.
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