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What color should I paint the block?

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There is a Datsun L28 motor that is going to be powering my 1963 Austin Healey. I have to decide on a body color this week and right now I'm leaning toward a period correct (non metalic) British Racing Green, like the car below. With the motor out of the car, I am cleaning it up to look like new. What color would you paint the motor, for it to look good with the exterior?

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I would go with a white / silver with the green as highlights.
Honestly? Black. It goes with every color and it hides dirt, oil, grease, etc.
ktm said:
Honestly? Black. It goes with every color and it hides dirt, oil, grease, etc.
But it makes it harder to spot leaks for that exact reason. Having said that, I'm painting my engine black so its really just deciding what you like.
If you want original Datsun engine color, I found the old Chrysler Green to be the best match, without custom matching the Datsun color. I personally like the POR15 engine enamels.
Healey said:


I love the color of this car. Is it a "correct" healey color? How do I get the paint for this? I want my 280ZX THIS color!
Hey J,

This is not the original green that came with the Healey. British Racing Green (BRG) is not one color. There are many different varieties based on manufacturer and year. Here is what I have narrowed my choices down to. All are non-metallic and correct to the period.

1. Jaguar 55-65 BRG dark 42597
2. Jaguar 68-70 BRG darker, deeper 43907
3. Jaguar 68-73 BRG darkest, deepest 44524

In 1991 Mazda came out with a limited edition Miata BRG 47037
Stock HEALEY green
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ohhh good idea and it has that green hue to it as well.
How about the original powder baby blue block color? Always been partial to OG myself...
Thank you for the replies

Stock HEALEY green
This was my original plan, although the light metallic green is real ugly :)

How about the original powder baby blue block color? Always been partial to OG myself...
I think I have settled on a gray/blue. The tranny is POR coated in a gray, so wanted something that would work with that too.

So here is my engine cosmetic plan:
1. oil pan gloss black
2. block gray/blue
3. polish the brass freeze plugs, tape off when painting
4. front cover/waterpump etc to its original aluminum finish
5. waterpump pulley gloss black
6. starter/alternator original cast finish with painted surfaces repainted
7. disti original cast finish
8. all bolts wire brushed original finish
9. head original finish cleaned
10. motor mounts gloss black, same as engine compartment
11. alternator bracket gloss black (maybe color of engine)
12. intake manifolds wire brushed, original aluminum finish
13. valve cover polished aluminum finish

Unfinished business
aircleaner…I would really like to fabricate something cool for the dual down draft webers
exhaust manifold....RUSTY UGLY. I might sandblast and paint????
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The blue or gray are good choices because they are cool colors like green. Orange a warm color would be 2 much contrast in your case. You dont want to emphasize transplant. But emphasize flow with a blue. Maybe dark gray. You want it to be seen and you want it to look like they just magicly floated together perfectly. You know an old retired hot rodder told me that color green is bad luck.
Sorry to transplant that superstition. I have a 240 that color. I rode in it as a teen. A guy died while fixing it up, old man sold it to me out of a barn, dead rat in it, sometimes I think I might be a little crazy, but I keep hearing that retired man say that it was bad luck, and his honest face. I thought that kind of lore was dead because I had heard that before as a child, so I know its based on some bad wrecks in that color car.
oh yeah, Gold can be used sparingly on dark green. Like say dark green and gold emblems or wheels, pinstripes. Cad plating would do well, but I may be painting clouds on my oilpan...
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