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What a waste ......

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I don't think so. That has to be one of the ugliest Lamborghini's ever produced. Not only did he make a statement about the craftsmenship & dealer service of the vehicle, he did a valuable service to the rest of the automotive world by making one less of these monstrosities.
Agreed, after the Diablo the style of the lambos has gone down hill.

Now Ferrari is up and coming with their 458 Itallia! One of the sexiest cars out there.
I actually like several of the new Alfa Romeos.
They were just re-designing it so China could mass produce knock-offs. Check next month at your nearest outlet mall.
They swing sledge hammers like girls
Agree 1986zxt! They put more work in destroying that car than Lambo did building it, maybe that's the problem.
Shoulda tourched it or melt it down at the hot wheels plant, "NEW HOT WHEELS! WITH REAL LAMBO PARTS!"
My 7 year old Daughter can hit harder than that! Looks to me they're trying to send a message to the Italians. I'm offended by this and will seek revenge on these little people LOL!
What I would have done if I was in his position was to auction off the Lambo & donate the funds to those unfortunate ones who don't have food on their table & roof over their heads. It surely can feed lots of mouths..... :-\
Would have been funny if the hammers broke on the Lambo Body.
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