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Is there anyone local to the Seattle/Eastside area that thinks they have a faster Z than my NA 72 240? If so, I would like to humble you some dry Saturday night somwhere.

Come on it would be FUN! You could drive out to this undisclosed secret location and be humiliated by me for free... Ok, maybe I will make it interesting and offer a measly cash prize (i.e. wager/bet) of some order if by chance you are fortunate enough to win.

And afterwards we could go out looking for other motorsports enthusiasts who share the belief in that they are the sh!t and humble them as well.

Really, why the **** are you interested in posessing a fast Z in the first place? So you can drive the speed limit wherever you go and reserve instances of high speed delight for the track only? NO! You have a fast Z because you want to kick ass! So come kick my ass!!!

Here's how:

If there are enough interested people that respond to this message then I will organize the first annual Western Washington's Fastest Z Invitational.

Just think we could all go meet somewhere, race each other, elude the police, race each other, get in a few accidents, elude the police, kill some innocents, elude the police, loose traction on an offramp and go flying into a car and die, etc...

Then afterwards the survivors can discuss thier near death experiences over a beer or a Perier or something...

Just kidding about killing innocents, death, and eluding the police - I love cops! =)
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