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well now I can't say it never left me stranded...

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well I was out driving tonight with some friends we stopped at a few places where I turned off the car and then started it again to leave. So then we stop at tacobell for a short while. I thought I turned my lights off before turning the car off but I accidentally left my parking lights on for about 5mins. So I get in the car to leave and I try to start it. Nothing. The voltage guage jumped and wiggled and then droped to 0. I wiggled the wires at the battery. Nothing. I checked the alternator connections. Nothing. Checked fuses. They all seem good. Fuseble links are good. No power at all. Tryed to jumpstart the battery. Nothing. However with the jump cables sparked once when only connected to my battery. So tomorrow we'll check the battery with a multimeter and hope that its just a dead battery. If its not the battery then it may be the 90amp 240sx alternator that cost $45 from a junkyard :( Its weird that it started multiple times when we had stopped previously. Your thoughts?

EDIT: And if it is the battery what do you guys recommend? Optima?

EDIT2: Also where can I buy new fuseble links? Autozone?

EDIT3: Also my voltguage when running reads 15+ most of the time. I was advized on here that I should have that looked at. Do you think overcharging killed the battery?

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As far as the battery, any name brand will work well, but if you want an Optima, go for it. As for fusible links, what I suggest, since you have a later 280Z, is redo the fusible link to the MAXI fuse upgrade. I may have the parts you need to do it. Since I'm going to be doing a Painless harness soon and it has the MAXI fuse to protect the whole system, I might sell the parts I bought for the conversion. High quality car audio power distribution block, MAXI fuses, 4 guage high quality car audio wire, and some gold plated crimp ends to make connections to your altrenator and all. With that rewired, that'll fix a lot of problems in the future.
Thanks Matt. But right now I need new fuseble links.
Well if you need new links, you can get them at MSA, or many other sites on the net. Local part stores might even carry them, even a junkyard. I'd try a junkyard, as long as the wires aren't melted or anything, they'll work.
Ok well we checked the battery today. 12.8volts. So the battery is good........cleaned the battery wires and posts. Still nothing. No power at all. I need serious help.
you can get new links on ebay for about $15 or so...
they work great for me
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