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Webers ....I'm done :>(

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To all the weber DCOE fans I'm sorry to announce that I give up. I am a beaten man. I admit they look awesome but I can't take it, I want to drive my car in the spring and at the rate I'm going with the webers I will never make it. I have got three weber books and have rebuilt the carbs without success. I think I will bite the bullet and buy some Z Therapy carbs so I can move on in my rebuild project.

Weber 40DCOE18.....RIP
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EFI it, programable, quad t-body on a clifford intake if your combination calls for it.
That's why I went with stand alone EFI with a custom intake. Weber tuning is too much of a fight.
if your wanting to get rid of them ill take em. Its always nice to have a set of webers lieing around.
Rebuild them till the cows come home. If you have the wrong Choke tubes, wrong, emulsion tubes and wrong jets you will never be happy with them.
I love them. Been running them for 20 + years and never done a rebuild on them. Just changed jets and so on depending on what engine I was using.
Ill trade you my SU's, I rebuild them with Z theraphy kit. Let me know if you're interested.
i will have 6 month old new Z Therapy SU carbs and early intake for sale in about a month when im ready to install our new 3.2 stroker.

in fact ill have the whole 240z engine for sale or to part out then.
you want to sell them?
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