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ive just bought my z, it came with dual carbs on it. eventually id like to put triples on it. but there is alot more id like to do first. but my question is, does anyone know a website, or anywhere that i can contact to get weber parts? id like to put upgraded jets in. and when i was rebuilding them i lost the tiny pin that holds the float in (yes im an idiot) but the carb doesnt function with out it and id like to get it running again soon.
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1) Pierce Manifolds
2) Weber Carbs Direct
3) Carbs Unlimited
Not Top End Performance. I'm sure I'll piss somebody off by doing this, but I ordered a Weber linkage kit for the DGVs and they sent the wrong stuff, leaving out some seriously key components. When I called, they said they would fix it but never did...when I emailed they never replied. They ship quickly and sometimes offer alright prices, but buy at your own risk.
i ordered the tripple linkage from then and they didnt send the part that connects the linkage to the tottle. I called and emailed them a few times and they said they would send it out, but never did. I sent them a nice email telling them how shitty their service was and that i would not buy anything from them ever again, i would tell everyone in the Z comunity that i know how horrible they are. Three days later i got a package on my door with the part i needed. I checked the tracking number and they had sent it out the day after i had sent the email.
thanks guys for the help
pegasus racing stocks parts for DGVs and DCOEs. Good service and tech support.

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